Monday morning, I received the sad news that a good friend passed away. I say good friend, like a brother although we had not spoken in years. Now, all I can do is remember the many good times we shared. I remember how we were so young together – growing our families together and hanging out as couples together. And, now I wish I had taken the time to reach out, to ask – how are things – how are you?

Yes, I liked you on Face Book a few times, but how I wish I had taken the time to share what was going on in my life.

I wish I had taken the time – merely moments, to find out just what was up with you and how your family was doing.

Your mom passed and I grieved for you and meant then to reach out, but I didn’t, now, I don’t know why, but I didn’t. I guess I figured there would be time to catch up later.

Sweet memories of times shared stayed on my mind all night into this morning – reminding me - we don’t know what time we have.

Because we don’t know what time we have, it must be now – the time to reach out and touch. Forgive now, share the love now – let go of the hurt now. How small these things are we let keep us apart?

We must do what’s in our hearts now, because we don’t know if we will have another chance.

This Another Tuesday Morning – Thank You, GOD!

Dedicated in loving memory to a great man, David Williams – rest in peace, I love you.