Trick OR Treat?
Knocking on the door to your Heart, the infamous Trick-Or-Treat.
Now, when you open the door, do you trick your heart by not appreciating your own strengths?
Do you trick your Heart by competing with & envying others?
Do you trick your Heart not tending to it every day?
Do you trick your Heart believing you can change someone else?
Do you trick your Heart doing the same thing over and over, but hoping for different results?
God gave you something so special, your very own Heart!
You, yes - you are in control of treating it to the best – allowing your heart to blossom a great love; a love so powerful it spills over and touch all you meet.
Yes, the best costume forever is your well-treated HEART.
Teacher/Evangelist Freddie Ford speaks…
Maybe the real question is: Is Halloween a trick or a treat? We must always watch the trick of the enemy. In the final analysis, you can trick your heart into believing all the foolishness that the world throws at us or we can accept the freedom that Christ offers us by treating our heart with the truth of God’s word. -- Katallage Ministry
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