Rungs to LOVE!

The beginnings - a birthright to Love

The acknowledges and confessions of Love

The untold mysteries; the mighty secrets of Love

The carefulness and maintenance of Love

The motivations of Love

The requests and demands of Love

The façade -- so many faces of Love

The shapes and positions of Love

The thoughts, beliefs, feelings and notions of Love

The designs and creativity of Love

The tributes and esteems of Love

The approaches create the outlook of Love

The intentions, objections and targets of Love

The moods and disposition of Love

The boldness of purpose drives Love

The confidence and power; the influences of Love

Acts and deeds creates the specialness of Love

The voices and expressions convey declarations of Love

The memories, the celebrations grows lasting Love

The intense simpleness and awesomeness of Love

The ladder rewards climbing to new levels of love; the love within and the love shared – so, from top to bottom or bottom to top – LOVE; a wise choice – always!