HAPPINESS is…letting go!

Think about this – what do we hold on to?

We hold tight to hurt, anger, annoyances and a host of other nuisances that stifle and tangle our spirit.

Now, what do we get from this tight and firm holding on?

  • We get stress (pressure, anxiety, worry, trauma and drama)
  • We get satisfaction from holding onto our discomfort
  • We get to feel justly indignant
  • We get to feel vindicated if the discomfort originated from someone else
  • And, yes, yes, we get so much more…

Let no one; let nothing rob you of your spirit.

Let IT GO! If it bothers your inner peace – let it go now!

OK, can we say --- Happiness may be … simply, letting go! Choose to pull out the good from the situation (yes, the good is there if you look for it), and let go the bad!

TR Snippets!!! Morning Dose of Sunshine.