A Love letter to my LOVE!

First, just what do I want?

OK, I want to be listened to – not just hearing sounds coming from my mouth. Yes, yes there is a difference in hearing what is said and listening from your heart to “get the meaning” from my heart. Can we share to be sure, what is expressed is what is meant? Now, do I listen attentively for the REAL message?

I want to know there is love, even if we are not having a loving moment. How this is done? Let me know the love is there. Do not layer hurt on hurt with insensitive words, gestures, etc., that marinate deep in the soul. Do I guard my scuffle words and actions ?

I want to know you are proud of me. Of course, I fall short with my perfectly imperfections. But to know deep within, you still see an ideal (for you) soul. Do I let you know, you are still my hero ?

I want love, care, tenderness and respect at all times from my significant other. Now, here is the hard question. Do I give these wants as unconditionally as I want them ?

The phrase, GIVE what I want! A quest to look within, not just for what I want, but also to search deep for what I give you, my love.

* A poraso -- GIVE what I want!

TR Johnson Ford