Let's Do LOVING Affirmations...

LOVING Affirmations...

  • To know my value – even when I “mess up”.
  • To choose growth from a position of love.
  • To feast from life’s good fruits (so much good) while working hard to avoid her bad fruits.
  • To take time to be still, to meditate and to be guided by my heart.
  • To work hard to exhibit positive emotions to others such as forgiveness, compassion, empathy, generosity and thoughtfulness.
  • To be more observant and in the moment with the people in my life.
  • To honor my heart by serving and caring for others.
  • To choose to use Love as an action word by turning my good intentions into action by smiling more, thanking more, hugging more, caring more, giving a hands up more – to be more by doing more.
  • To constantly seek ways to be useful to people and touch them in special ways.
  • To treasure the keepsakes of life and let go of her small stuff.
  • To count my blessings by being a blessing.
  • To listen, really listen to what is being said to me.

And, finally...

In every way through my thoughts, my actions, my written and spoken words; I attract peace, harmony, prosperity, wellness and love into my life; and to choose to pass these on to the hearts I care about.

Want even more Loving Affirmations?

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