Angels Today on Their Way!

Never doubt that Angels walk among us. They may look like you. They may look like me. They may look like the person behind the counter you dismissed or the person you shoved into rushing on the subway. They may be in a form you and I do not understand, least of all recognize.

The Angels among us do not flaunt their heavenly personae. Their wings may be tucked away and their halo may not glow. And, no, you will not see them dressed in white from head to toe.

Now, I wonder why this is so? Could it be that would be too easy, not allowing our true nature show? We truly need to know how we would respond to an Angel we do not know.

So, open your heart to believe and your soul to receive. Look for blessings along the way looking in a special way for that heavenly class spreading their goodness and love around.

The man on the street corner, could he be an Angel this day? His tattered clothes and need for a bath makes most of us want to look away. Now, is he begging or is this his way of sharing?

The old woman with her cart piled high, mumbling, and rummaging around her stuff. Is this her way of conversing with higher powers that be, the ones we are yet to see.

Just what do Angels look like; they could be you or me. Do not dismiss what you cannot see, because Angels, my dear, do walk along beside you and me.

Could it be their spiritual sphere is a mystery and they do not recognize their heavenly mission? If this is so, could you or I be an Angel in disguise? Does an Angel's power reside deep within our facade?

So, I ask, how to spot an Angel of today? How do you know them going about your way? Just be pleasant to all God's children, you may be in the company of an Angel on their way.

And, what about the words you say? Could a blessing come from your mouth blessing another's day?

You may be that Angel of Today - an Angel on their way!

* a poraso

Dedicated to LaLa’s Angels…