A New Day (AND)!

Upon waking each morning, I Thank God.

This morning was no exception… as I prayed to My God, Thank you God for Friday. I thought Thank You God for Thursday and Thank You God for Wednesday and on and on.

As I am Thanking God for the days just passed along with today, it came to me, there was one little word used repeatedly - the word AND.

It dawned on me – when I think of God, AND is there, always…

So thank you God for AND!

This tiny word stayed with me. Maybe from our Bible Study Lesson Thursday night – where we discussed the Majesty of God.

That God is so awesome and so unlimited, there are really no descriptions, no 60-second elevator speech, and no box to put God into for what God is and what God will and what God can do.

As I pondered this word AND, a tiny word that opens not closes, as there are no periods because AND creates, AND represent beginning – not endings. This word, AND reminds me of the greatness, the majesty of God.

As I think about my heavenly Father, I like to think of AND, as his goodness and his mercy and his love and, and, and…

(A New Day)! Thank you, Lord!