What is Legal Shield - how will it benefit me?

Many people don't think they will ever need the advice or help of an attorney!

Or when they think of getting help from an attorney, they think it must be something major & dramatic.

What if your attorney can help - something as simple as getting a deposit back, or what if you get a speeding ticket, or what if someone hit your car from behind, what if your child got into a fight at school, or what if you are ready to step out with your own business - what should you do?

With important life-changing questions - it is good to have immediate and accurate legal help.

A Legal Shield membership can protect your entire family for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day and it is not even Starbucks...

Legal Shield -- A 14-minute video telling the Legal Shield story and how it will empower you and your family's life – this membership empowers families.

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TR Ford, Independent Legal Shield Associate
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