Today, a birthday and a funeral.

Today is my birthday!

There is no cake with candles or wrapped presents, but there are people, so many people, that the small church is full to capacity.

No one is singing Happy Birthday to me, but there is singing.

There is no champagne for a toast, but - one by one, people toast as they share loving memories.

Today – a birthday and a funeral.

A birthday signifies a celebration of happiness, the end of one year and the movement into the beginning of another year.

A funeral also signifies a celebration of home going - the end of one way of life and the beginning to a new way to life.

Yes, today I celebrate my birthday as another new brighter beginning and yes, today we celebrate a new brighter beginning for our beloved Sam!

Yes, today (April 19th), a birthday, and a funeral – celebrating endings as the start of yet, new beginnings.

Today - A Birthday and a Funeral - new beginnings!

*a Poraso by TR Ford