The Face in the Mirror!

Check your mirror – are you true and accountable to self?

Check your mirror before peering into someone else’s mirror to judge them.

Check your mirror when you do not understand someone else.

Does your mirror reveal tiny fractures in care and understanding?

Does your mirror reveal a healthy mindset of gratitude?


Are there many small cracks of entitlement?

Check your mirror – are you the best friend you can be for someone?

Does your mirror show you standing still or moving forward?

Does your mirror show a gift giver or does it show you with your hands out?

When you look in your mirror –

do you see someone growing (each day) into all HE or SHE can be?

Does your mirror show a person that truly care for others?

Now, look again real hard in your mirror -

Is it spotless?

Does it need a good cleaning?

Does it give you a clear and true view of you?

Now, the most important check of all –

Look closely in your mirror – whose face do you see?

Does God’s child smile back at you?