Back to where we were (BTWWW) ----

Suggest past and paid for lessons cataloged and retrievable at a moment’s notice.


What’s important now (WIN) ---

Suggest an opportunity for growth from present and future lessons.

Now, life is the University for our Lessons, a University that never close. Some lessons we pay for once and move forward better and stronger. Then, other lessons, we continue to repeat creating high cost. And, yet again, there are lessons we believe we can never pay the cost.

So, do not underestimate the cost of a lesson in time, money, missed opportunities, and more. Yes, lessons are costly and we always pay in some form or another. Our lessons are valuable for growth, and often, the costlier the lesson, the more value we receive, especially when we keep the focus on WIN (what's important now) in the mix.

Embrace the great value in all your lessons. Yesterday's lessons created today, and, our lessons of today can lead to better tomorrows.

TR Snippets Morning Dose of SUNSHINE!

Another Tuesday Morning - Thank You, GOD.

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