Wow, where did that come from?

I pondered this question, one I had not thought about.

The many thoughts in my head started to react.

I write about love for my Heavenly Father, love of self and others.

I write about the powers of hope and belief.

I write about being a child of God’s.

I write about appreciating who I am, and who I am yet to become.

I write about bettering my best.

I write about life events that inspire and motivate.

I write about growth by focusing more on my strengths than my weaknesses.

I write to remind myself the power of choice, a power we all own.

More thoughts fight to rush to the surface.

I write as a testimony to eight earthly Angels who kept a promise to my daughter when she needed it most.

Are you a Christian writer?

Out of all the clatter within - it is loud and clear,

“Yes, I am a Christian writer”.