It's a great picture, what do you see?

Apples on a platter - some good, some bad.

Now - it's grandma's platter gifted to you - so right off – this makes the platter special.

So, will you in a quick swoop, dump all the apples from the platter?


Will you gently remove and discard the bad apples?

Now, is this really just a platter of good and bad apples

– or can this platter of fresh and spoiled apples represent the lives we live?

Can we view it as our Life Platter?

You and I were gifted a beautiful platter and yes, it is great to have it full of sweet delectable apples.

Now, when Grandma gifted us the platter, she knew its power. Grandma knew our platter can only hold so many apples at a time. Grandma knew there will always be some bad apples on our platter keeping us in a constant state of discarding the bad apples to make room for the good apples. So, the power of the platter grows from constantly removing the bad apples from our life platter to make room to add good apples.

Life creates the charge to not only care for, but to cherish our life platter. We must intentionally discard the bad apples, as it is the only way to make the room needed to add the good apples.

Yes, Grandma knew the mighty power of the platter.


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