Now - stores don't have it; no, not even Super Walmart.

If I searched the entire world, I would never find a gift that would be perfect, that would convey my thanks for all the love, the support, the care, and the "just being there" and especially, most importantly, the precious moments we share.

My dearest Mother, I have a very special Christmas gift - just for you.

I've heard that re-gifting is taboo - well – my gift to you is one from you as I, a mother, too, try to copy you and all you do.

So, I'm re-gifting the un-conditional gifts of love, laughter, caring, hope and good feelings I get from you every time I think of you, every time I speak to you and even, every time I talk about you - this, is my Christmas present to you, to re-gift the love you have given me - to mine.

So, there's no wrapping paper to choose, no bow to attach because your kind of love, your graciousness and your generosity is too big and too grand, and no way will it fit -even the biggest box in the land.

Merry Christmas to someone God gave me the honor to call Mom.