It's 2019...

Be Better, Be Different, Do More


Raise Them Up!

Raise Them Up Spiritually, Purposely, Publicly

Each one for The Other...

Raise Them Up Creatively, Heartily, Intellectually

Your Hearts and Mine.

Raise Them Up Socially, So - Happily, Opening Doors

Expecting More.

Raise Them Up Actively, Vigorously, Yes, It's Time

For Hearts To Shine

Hearts of Mankind.

Raise Them Up My Brother and Me, Soooo Lovingly,

Their Hearts

Yours and Mine.

Raise Them Up

Raise Them Up -- Up...

Everybody - Raise Them Up, Up, Up...


Here you have the lyrics to Raise Them Up!

The words are warm, with an upbeat that excites, empowers and motivates with a feel-good thump, please help us to pass this on to all hearts, the young and the not so young, any heart you care about, especially hearts you love, and we, thank you.

* a poraso by TR Ford