My dream is to feed hearts life's good apples in order to grow hearts beyond my own. My dream is especially aimed at the hearts of our youth. To help young people recognize, embrace, grow, and share their budding powers.

This dream resulted in the creation of Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)! - an online course for and about young hearts.

My dream is to get this course in schools, church youth ministries, Y's and any organization or entity that caters to our youth.

More love is needed in the world today, and I believe it starts and grows through our youth. Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)! is about LOVE and using it in action, promoting love of The Heavenly Father, love for self and love to others.

Creating YES! has been a labor of love. I sincerely believe it will excite, inspire, educate, empower, and most of all, encourage love in the hearts of our youth.