When did you first start writing?

At around the age of eight or nine, I talked my best friend into helping me write a community newsletter. We sat up shop under the stairs at my mother's house. I believe we wrote about two papers giving them to neighbors and friends while out of school for the summer.

When did you realize you wanted to write professionally?

Like many, I fantasized about being a world-class best-selling author, but when those feelings surfaced, reality stepped in and asked, “what will you write about, and who would care?” When my daughter received a dramatic breast cancer diagnosis, eight women stepped up and said, "we'll be there until she is completely well again".

The women, I called my daughter Angels became an extended family with their gifts of time, money, heart-felt prayers, and so much more. They were there for whatever was needed. When my daughter started getting better, these Angels continued their earthly watch. After much thought and prayer, I decided to express my thanks to the Angels in the form of a thank-you letter. This was the start - the thank-you letter to the Angels evolved into my first published book. The tiny book, "Thoughts Influence Power Snippets", had a huge message about the power of our thoughts to activate hope, healing, and love. My daughter's thoughts became her mantra, "Dear God, one day at a time to survive; one day at a time to thrive".

Writing for a living, for the money is not what I am about. I sincerely believe it is my purpose to share my heart with others. It gives me great satisfaction when hearts are warmed and loved by my written words.

Today, ten years later, my daughter is good. The Angels continue their love and care. And, I cannot envision myself not writing and creating to motivate hearts - my own and the hearts of others.

Now, here is what is so special about Angels.

I viewed the women as my daughter’s Angels, however, I soon became aware they were also my Angels. They helped me find out what I believe is my life calling, to share my heart with other hearts.

Ok, and this is key, always be on the lookout for an Angel. Now, they may not look as you may expect, so be good, be kind and be thoughtful to all God’s people, as you may be in front of your Angel right now…

Always on the lookout for my Angel!

Angels Today On Their Way!

*A Poraso dedicated to me and my daughter Angels...