What If...?

What If… you never see them walk through the door like so many times before?

What If… you believe they are still here and will never leave?

What If… their love is God’s will, so you continue to receive?

What If… you believe your loved one whispers in your ear to let you know they are still near?

What If… they are far away in a peaceful, happy place, yet so close, all you must do is close your eyes?

What If…remembering their smile keeps them here all the while?

What If…the precious memories become loving stories to share?

What If… you whisper their name and believe they hear the same?

What If… you feel their light in your heart all our days?

What If… you hear their voice in the melody of a love song?

What If… you see the smile you love in the faint outline of a rainbow?

What If… you sense their touch in the warmth of a child’s hug?

What If… you are thankful for the honor to have known the beauty of their soul.

What If… you have faith in their love to be a blessing others in their brand new role?

What If… you believe our loved ones stay near just to remind you of the great love from above?

What If...?

LOVE never dies!

*What If...? A Poraso reminding you and I that LOVE never dies when we keep the precious memories alive in our hearts...