Many times, for whatever the reason - we may do something without the passion of our heart and soul. It may be a career because the pay is great, or we may volunteer because we feel we should, or we agree to do something out of a sense of obligation.

Ponder this: If your heart is not in it, if it does not recharge your soul - whatever the "it" may be - what will you get from it and what great will grow from it?

SO!!! Whatever makes your spirit soar, whatever fills your heart with joy, whatever you cannot imagine yourself NOT doing is the passion of your heart and soul!

When this passion is active, it blossoms, flowing, spreading and touching all in its path!

A caveat here: Now, we know Life often dictates actions and motions that is not centered from or driven by the heart, and this is how Life moves. But, how special - when you know and act on your passion, as this will drive and keep your heart and soul pumped up, joyful, and full of life.

So, nurture your passion, share your passion and enjoy what pumps up your heart and causes your soul to soar!