This Another Tuesday Morning - Thank You, GOD! inspired by First Lady Evette Griffin.

"It's not my battle" - not an easy thing to do.

Most of the time it takes deliberate attention and a strong mindset. It is so easy to step into a situation. We become so fixated on fixing the situation we create worry, stress and conflict that often worsens the situation.

Then, other times we adopt a standstill attitude to “let it go".

We may believe we can "let it go" because we are not actively focusing on the matter. But know this - it is still there troubling and chipping away deep in our soul.

Now, any battle can easily become mentally draining, and in the end, we may not accomplish much at all.

How about this - Let God!

Let God do His thing.

So profound, yet so simple.

Yes, we need to do what we can with a praying and believing attitude knowing God can work it out for us.

An attitude of “Let God” lessens our anxiety and headaches from trying to FIX or MAKE things happen.

Pick and choose the battle - one you can something about, do your part and then - Let God!

This Another Tuesday Morning – Thank You, GOD!

Dedicated to Ms. Shirley because yes, yes, yes, we all need to be inspired not just on Tuesdays, but every day.

Thank you, my sisters.