What I learned from Tuesday’s Bible Study lesson

The Book of James – Chapter 4

This lesson hit home for me as it was about the heart.

The chapter discussed wars, disagreements, strife, jealously and a host of doings between people. My take-a-way was that no matter what, or how we interact with others, all our actions stem from our very own heart – our inner divided-ness!


We had a lively discussion as Minister Freddie Ford likened the heart to the tongue – small, but the use of it have the wherewithal to create in our lives and the lives we touch.

Yes, the heart, a special gift from God that we need to cherish and love so we can grow it and share it.


Care for your heart - it blooms.

Replenish your heart - it renews.

Expand your heart - it reaches.

Value your heart - it grows.

Give your heart - it comes back.

Leave your heart - it attaches.

Live your heart - it influences.

The GIFT! a poraso by TR Ford

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