She said, “It’s time TR came out of the closet.”

She further explained - all too often, women try to keep a low profile. We remain in the background. We keep our gifts undercover with political correct language such as; it’s about my company; it’s not about me. We believe if we proudly display our passions, people will think we are bragging and being bigheaded.

This coming out affirms, It is about you and I. We are our company, our brand validate our story. Yes, what we do, how we do it, and how we grow and share is very much, about who we are.

Here is a Happy July 4th shout-out to women

– a coming out

– a true day of Independence!

Stand proud and step boldly out of that dark closet of yours. Let your light SHINE. Embrace all the wonders of being YOU, a woman practicing extreme self-care intentionally sharing with others.

It is good to claim your greatness.

It is good to share the love with others.

All right, all right, all right (as Grandma Ellen would say); we are a day early, but maybe it is never too early to celebrate the love within by sharing it with others.