Minister Freddie Ford and I attended the concluding night of Revival at Peeler Chapel Baptist Church on Wednesday night. The guest minister, Reverend Sam Johnson, of Greater Bethel Baptist Church uplifting message was, “An Attitude of Love".

His message warmed my heart and made me feel pretty good. Why? It was as if he put his stamp of approval on my new online course An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!!!

Now, don’t we all like to feel validated? That is exactly how I felt because AELEX is exactly that, an attitude of love. Love for our Heavenly Father, love of ourselves and love for others.

Why not check your "Attitude of Love" with An Extreme LOVING Experience?

Introducing An Extreme LOVING Experience is our FREE course titled Women Practicing Extreme self-Care. This course is free, fun and empowering as it will grow your attitude of love. Don’t let the title mislead - Women Practicing Extreme self-Care is a great online experience for all of us to embrace and grow the love within allowing that love to blossom and touch all you meet. Yes, it’s all about An Attitude of Love!