The "U" Factor...and the leaking roof.

A True Story!

At 8:20 a.m. I am one of more than forty people in line this frosty February morning.

There is grumbling all around me as people complain about having to stay out in the rain because the doors to the courthouse remain lock.

Every time I glance back the line has grown longer.

Ok, now it's about 8:45 and the doors open, but only to allow two elderly people and a pregnant woman inside.

The complaints continue to grow louder.

Finally, a few minutes after 9:00 a.m., the doors open and everyone rush in to get out of the cold rain.

Once inside, I hear my name and turn to face a stranger telling me he will represent me in court. He tells me what will happen with my case saying I'll probably be out in ten minutes or so.

What, ten minutes? I am skeptical of his time frame based on how long it took just to get inside.

Sure enough the attorneys are called to the front of the court room. The court room is so full - people are still outside in the corridor. In a few minutes the attorney comes back and says, OK, go pay your fine and you can go.

That's it?

He didn't have to tell me twice. I pay the fine; make it back to my car realizing the entire drama took just under an hour - most of it standing out in the cold rain.


Picture This:

It’s Monday morning and you wake up to the soothing sound of a cool rain. You head to the kitchen to start your coffee and walk into a foot of water on the floor.

What? You need this fixed immediately as water is still coming from the ceiling – what a mess.

You don’t have the luxury of calling around to check prices, you need a quick fix - so you choose the first contractor you call.

What Is The "U" Factor?

As we live our lives there will be situations, and turning points because life is always under construction. Such situations can be viewed as the "U" Factor. Can the “U” Factor represent the unexpected, the unplanned, and most certainly, the unwelcomed events that are always part of our lives in some way?

When a life situation happens (the “U’s” of life), and we do not have reinforcements, we won't have a pleasant situation on our hands. When faced with a "U" Factor, we need something or someone to help us work on a solution instead of our working on a quick fix!

The operative word is when because life happens 24-7 -- 365 days a year.

How much easier and surely less costly to fix that leaking roof when the sun is shining!

Help is a click away. Be proactive versus reactive with the many "U" factors of life.

Get help "before" the rain...