Here's how to have a very stressful day!

Super speeding ticket = extremely high costs = court appearance = time and energy lost = points most likely added to driving record = higher insurance premium.

This can create a very stressful day and an extremely anxious week.

Results = speeding reduced, no court appearance, no points, no increase in insurance (just court fees) = a better day. Why – all other fees paid through a monthly legal and identity protection membership.

A caveat – there always is! This shared information does not endorse speeding. It does not guarantee your situation will turn out in the same manner. It is simply caring and sharing...

I share an experience to highlight the reason(s) I’ve had a legal shield membership for many years and also why I market Legal and Identity Theft Protection to individuals, families and businesses as an Independent Associate.

Yes, it is definitely better to fix that roof when the sun is shining than when it is raining.

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you, your family or your business!