Corporate SNIPPETS... Dear Leader:

Everything you need to nurture the hearts in your Community!

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Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

Why Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

In many people-focused venues today, acts of love and care are nowhere to be seen, least of all acted upon.

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

focusing on the central part of any community, the people.

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

To care for your community - Raise Them Up!

Raise up their love of self, raise up their consciousness for others, raise up their expectations for personal and professional

growth, and raise up their appreciation and pride in their community.

As a leader on a growth journey taking others along with you -

Be Better - Be Different - Do More - Raise Them Up!

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

** 24 Dear Leader: Letters

** 88 SnippTips (inspiring, action-driven ways to feed hearts good) Workbook

** A variety of Raise Them Up Slices



Your Instructor, TR!

TR Ford, Author/Influencer...
TR Ford, Author/Influencer...

Hello Leaders because we all lead in some manner.

People-centered industries are not cold, stagnant and impersonal entities. Their make-up is people, and when people are involved, hearts are involved.When hearts are involved - care and attention must be high on the agenda to promote a growing community.

TSN Learn Laugh Love Community! is a place where learning, laughing and loving are leadership tools of growth through our SUNSHINE4HEARTS (aka Raise Them Up) Brands!

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader: - A SUNSHINE4HEARTS brand that is engaging and loving.It reminds us to care for hearts consciously and purposely, especially those we lead.

So, feed your own heart good, feed it often and share the feed to Be Blessed with LOVE Always!

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