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  88 SnippTips for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!

January 1, 20XX

Dear Leader:

What is a Snippetpreneur?

A Snippetpreneur is a Leader who takes great pains to nurture every aspect of his or her community.

  • Their best quality is confidence in their own strengths.
  • Their greatest asset is a genuine care for others.
  • Their growth comes from balancing lessons gleamed from their personal and entrepreneurial life.


Now, recognize all people-oriented communities, aka businesses, houses two distinct centers.

* First, the excitement and passion center is composed of people, relationships, creativity to include the company’s vision, and innovation.

* Technology, financial systems, and marketing compose the second center.


  • Both centers involve people.
  • Both centers are crucial, as one will not work without the other.
  • Both centers serve as the heart of your business and both service the hearts in your business.

Because people are at the core of both centers – hearts are involved. When hearts are in the mix, heart-conscious efforts must be involved.


Ponder this... Embrace your business as a heart-conscious community nurturing its inside community, customers, and business neighbors.


Introducing SnippTips!

SnippTips are mini lessons to improve personal and business relationships in the boardroom as in any room because there is always room for growth. The SnippTips nourishes the hearts in your community.

88 SnippTips for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!

88 SnippTips for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!

  • Boost sales meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Builds and maintains rewarding relationships
  • Shapes a plan for continual reflection of business goals
  • Engages to connect with inside community
  • Keeps awareness and thoughtfulness in the minds of leaders
  • Connects personal attributes with professional practices for growth
  • Maintain focus on people, the most important aspect of any entity



88 Words are the mini-topics found in 88 SnippTips...for the Snippetpreneur's Heart! Upload the attached form and create your own unique SnippTips for loving and growing your own heart and hearts in your care.




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P. S. Love the 88 SnippTips and allow them help grow your care and concern for the people in your community!