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Snippet 8:

Snippet 8 reminds us to add value when we come to the table. There is a fee for power. The fee is sharing!

Do all the good you can by all the means you can in all the places you can at all the times you can to all the people you can as long as ever you can.

John Wesley


Life's Platter!

The Platter of Life!

Quick, what do you see?

First glance, most people spot the bad, the spoiled and rotted apples.

Others take notice of the fresh, the juicy red apples.

Now, what about you?

Could this platter represent the Platter of Your Life?

A platter where constant movement is needed. In the cycling of life there will always be good and bad apples on the platter.

A choice must be made.

Now, the million dollar question.

Will you, in a lavish swoop toss the entire contents from your platter, both the good and bad apples, clean the platter and put it away.


Will you take the time and gently remove the spoiled and rotted apples from the beautiful platter left to your safekeeping by Grandma?

Your beautiful life platter can only hold so many apples at a time. When you do not remove the bad apples they affect all of the apples on the platter. This keeps you in a constant state of discarding the bad apples, because only then will there be room to add more good apples. So, to live a good life – we must clear off and clean up Life’s Platter constantly.

Take-away - You think Grandma gave you the platter just because it was pretty? Trust and believe this - Grandma knew it was more than just a beautiful platter.

Grandma knew the power of the platter.

That is what she passed on to you. Grandma’s beautiful porcelain platter can only hold so many apples at one time. In order to keep it full, we must first remove the bad, clean the platter and then add good apples. Know this - you must constantly remove - clean and refill your Life's Platter.

Awe, Grandma’s wisdom!

A true story...

A friend brought a stunning green plant and a beautiful pot to hold the plant. The plant died shortly after she purchased it. She purchased another plant and put it in the same beautiful pot. That plant died almost as quickly as the first one.

She brought another plant to grace the beautiful pot. She is at war now and is extremely careful to follow label directions. But, alas, this plant died as well.

OK, with a “what the heck is going on” attitude, she returned to the nursery where she brought all three plants.

There, she hears the following words of wisdom:

"All the remnants of the dead plant must be removed and the pot must be cleaned and washed in order for the new plant to survive and thrive".

It is your choice how you care for and treat your Life's Platter.




It is a known fact that negotiations always produce a winner and a loser. Really???

Realize right or wrong is not the issue. The issue, how can both parties win?

Evaluate by lending an ear more willing to listen than a mouth constantly talking.

Step out of the way; it is not about you, your ego, or your wants.

Practice of “fighting it out” is not good; no one wins.

Establish value for the other person. Never allow your words or action make someone feel insignificant.

Commit upfront to do everything possible for a win/win conclusion.

Think long-term by focusing on things in common rather than things that divide.

Queen of Soul, Ms. Franklin taught us about the power of the word respect. For such a simple word, it has the capacity to disarm foes, mend broken fences and help people feel appreciated.

Value the word respect and put it to use in all your communicating endeavors.


Multiple winners result in negotiations when the focus is ... (win) what's important now and respect remains at the top of the agenda.

The 8 Snippets© grew from nothing becoming action-driven universal life enrichment cycles, stirring moral principles, and a support system for truth, inspiration and guidance!