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  Let's Play Charades...

The 8 Snippets© Charades...

If the 8 SNIPPETS were feelings - they would cause our heart to swell with pride.

Ah, if they had personality, they would inspire us with an encouraging word and an appreciative smile.

Now, what about smell? Could they charm us with the zesty smell of synergy from a team victory?

And, what if they are sounds? Would we appreciate the echo of a high-five? Maybe, the powerful silence of a handshake concluding a successful transaction?

What if these SNIPPETS had the calming effect of a pat on the back? Or, maybe the warmth from a needed hug?

Suppose these SNIPPETS had a conscience, loyalty and morality would rule the day.

Or, just imagine if the 8 SNIPPETS are for divine purposes. They would create in us the desire to help something extraordinary happen in our lives and the lives we touch.

Now, here’s more fun with our wonderful imagination.

Allow these snippets surround you with circles of encouragement and generous pinches of appreciation of self whenever needed.

Are you dreaming to believe in the power of these SNIPPETS to energize and empower you to believe in your own strength?

Will you allow these SNIPPETS propel you to "Go out and reach for it"; to go after your dreams full force?


The awesomeness of The 8 Snippets©