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Ok, we are not THE BIG GUYS!

Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)!

Is not a million-dollar creation.

You will not see bells and whistles, floating icons, or professional speakers. There is not a lot of fluff and sweeteners that look so pretty and enticing, but do not add long-lasting value to a young Leader's heart and soul.

And, here is a biggie; there is no need to dish out the big bucks normally associated with the big guy’s show.


We are the guys feeding young-hearts good!

Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)!

Is a course created with a million-dollar intent. 

It is all about learning, laughing and loving - designed to convey to young hearts their importance in a seemingly cold and uncaring world. The course shows young people how to nurture, grow and share their budding leadership powers.

YES gives young people an approach to step boldly and purposely to an exciting future, a future they desire - a future they deserve.