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Ok, we are not THE BIG GUYS!

Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)!

is not a million dollar production.

You will not see bells and whistles, floating icons, or professional speakers. There is not a lot of fluff and sweeteners that look so pretty and enticing, but do not add long-lasting value to a young heart’s soul.

And, (here is a biggie); there is no need to dish out a month’s salary to support the hype and commotion involved in the big guy’s show.


Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)!

is a creation of love - about love - to shine light on love from above, love of self and love for others.

YES - designed to motivate, strengthen, and convey to young-hearts their importance in a seemingly cold and uncaring world.

YES - helps young people embrace, nurture, and share their budding powers to step boldly and purposely to an exciting future, a future they desire, a future they deserve.


Now, the big guys offerings are important as well as the little guys, so we salute the mom and pop shops, the solo-preneur, the from home entrepreneur, the little guys who pour from their heart to create something great.