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Where learning, laughing, and loving are leadership tools of growth!

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The Well-fed EMPOWERED Heart!

You Own This Power


TSN Online Community!

We are all Leader's...

in some way

– so value growth.

Like the empowering rays from the sun, SUNSHINE Brands stimulate the mind, soothe the soul and warm the heart.

SUNSHINE Brands - tools of growth:

The Books of Snippets (TBOSS):

18 Jupiter Lane!

18 Jupiter Lane - real and fantasy love and healing, mystery and magic at 18 Jupiter Lane where a 19th-century guardian and a 21-century dead heart resides...

Feed My Heart!

Feed My Heart! - Five intentional ways to feed a Leader's heart the good apples of life through the Power of the Platter!


Leadership Courses:

An Extreme LOVING Experience!

Leadership starts within - here we have 23 ways to love self better to love others more!

An Extreme LOVING Experience!

Corporate Snippets...Dear Leader:

Shows a Leader why and how to nurture the hearts they lead.

Corporate Snippets...Dear Leader: Show Leaders why and how to nurture the hearts they lead.


Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)

Helps young-hearts grow their budding leadership powers today, where they are...

Books and courses nurturing a Leader's heart for a lifetime.


TSN Online Community!

Where learning laughing loving are leadership tools of growth!

Hungry Hearts Will Feed.

Early on, deep within, hungry hearts start their feed, a feed that fuels the motivation and energies of our lives, a feed that is never ending. It is All About the Feed, because hearts are always hungry and will feed!


Something loving, something good, something special to Raise Them Up!