Loving self better to love others more is...

An Extreme LOVING Experience!

"To know the depths of God's love for me is an extreme loving experience.

To know God gave the very best He had causes me to feel that there is nothing He wouldn't do for me.

If one could imagine the wrestling and pain the Father experienced to decide that the only hope for me and mankind is to give his Only Begotten Son, to me that is an extreme loving experience.

It doesn't get any more extreme than that. To allow the Spirit of God to move you to a place where you can experience this love erases the fears that causes you to not love yourself. There is no more guilt and shame. There is no more consideration about what others think of you. You are free to experience yourself extremely without the fear of over loving yourself to the expense of your love for God the Father. This is the healthy balance between loving God and loving yourself.

Minister Freddie Ford of Katallage Ministry.org

An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!

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