A million dollar question worthy of concentrated consideration.

“What thoughts am I feeding daily?”

Then, as my mother says, hush and listen. As important as the question, your answer will reveal what you need to work on to continue to be your best self.

Our thought patterns establish the foundation for the conversations we have with ourselves. Think how often you say to yourself “I’ve got to”, “I should”, “I messed up”, I can’t “or “I am stupid.

These words stimulate limiting feelings in your spirit. Never forget your thoughts are at your beck and call. If you choose to live in the throes of negativity, that is what will manifest in your life. Likewise, choosing positive, uplifting and empowering thoughts creates the same in your life.

Now, it is not simply keeping the negative thoughts away, it is what you do when they surface, because they will.

  • Discover the lesson of the negative thought.
  • Do something with it. Maybe reposition the negative thought with purposeful, loving and empowering thoughts.

Nurture your thought life with empowering talk to design the life experiences you desire and desire.

Remember, your thoughts rule - your thoughts are what you choose them to develop into and your thoughts change lives - your own!