Love Explosion!

Loving self is your birthright.

When you love you, it shows.

This love blooms and spreads touching everyone and everything as you go about your day.

Do not believe it is arrogant to love self as our Heavenly Father loves us with all our humanness. So why not choose to love you as you are and who you continue to grow into?

Sometimes with life's busyness, we may lose touch with nurturing ourselves with purposeful care and attention. We may think others will think we are self-absorbed, self-centered or ego-tripping. What we are doing is growing ourselves through love, care and attention.

Practicing extreme self-care and love will blossom and spill over to all you touch. So do not treat loving you as a some-day, special event. Make loving you mandatory because you came from love and deserve much love in your life.

Here's to loving! Loving self and others with a tall taste of sparkling apple cider - so good to you and so good for you!