• Responsive and resourceful communicator
  • Ability to create productive synergy among team
  • Motivates inspiration through own actions
  • Builds mutual rewarding connections
  • Accountable to self and to his or her team
  • Has a purposeful awareness and care for the hearts in their care
  • Confidence in self to handle situations in fair and honest manner
  • Decisive in making best decision for the whole, then charging ahead
  • Embrace differences of others, realizing each person adds to the whole
  • Focus on moving forward and bringing team along
  • Hard worker with a gut-wrenching desire to achieve
  • Open and honest – pleased to be known as an authentic leader
  • Choose to see the best in life by focusing on the best life offers
  • Understand and embrace the power of order
  • Profit-focused growing company; heart-focused growing people
  • Goes above and beyond to achieve great results
  • Practice great respect for all people
  • Makes sure own personal values and passion aligns with that of company
  • Obsessed with honesty and integrity from self and others
  • Service oriented – realize job is to serve team
  • Recognize their actions are not to impress, demand or require, but to INSPIRE…
  • Proud to be a good follower

These gifts are the qualities, characteristics, the individual traits and attributes you possess.

Now, the most important thing about gifts are sharing them.

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader:

because we all can lead, and we all can influence others in empowering ways!

Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear Leader: is based on the premise that when people are involved, hearts are involved. When hearts are involved, love and care must be a part of all company endeavors.

Many people-centered venues today are structured so that actions of genuine care are nowhere to be seen, least of all acted upon. People-centered communities will thrive and grow when love and care are used as tools of growth for everyone involved.

So, here we have Corporate SNIPPETS...Dear leader:, an online course created to impress upon your leaders (because we all can lead in some manner) the importance of caring for the hearts in their care.

* FREE book included...

"POWER Lagniappe!"