My Momma’s Blanket!

My mom made me a blanket.

Check it out - it is very beautiful and how did she know to use my favorite colors of red, creme, and white.

She even took the time to put tiny fringes all around it.

Now, your “it’s pretty” sounds like - ok, it’s nice, but, really - it’s just a blanket.

Oh no, this is not just a blanket.

Lean in and look a little closer.

This is no ordinary blanket.

It is so much more…

Look closely.

See these sews; they are stitches of love, stitches of prayers, stiches of hope, and stitches of care.

Now, touch and feel the softness created through fierce determination and goodwill passing on compassion through the strong hands of a mother.

Smell my blanket; sense the lingering aroma of hope, joy and graciousness, the scents of a mother.

Now, if you were to place the blanket over you as you sleep, (as my daughter does with hers),

you would rest nestled from head to toe in a warm softness like a mother’s skin.

Now, look again.

Are you sure “it’s just a blanket”?

Do you now see all the love, and all the specialness of this blanket my mother made - just for me?

I will cherish my blanket because it keeps my mom close to me, you see.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!