Another Tuesday Morning - Thank You, GOD!

ATM - TYG! --- TR Snippets Morning Dose of SUNSHINE!

​Your thoughts change lives!

A million dollar question worthy of concentrated consideration. “What thoughts am I feeding daily?” Then, as my mother says, hush and listen. As important as the question, your answer will reveal what you need to work on to continue to be your best self. Our thought patterns establish the...


The "U" Factor!

The "U" Factor...and the leaking roof. A True Story! At 8:20 a.m. I am one of more than forty people in line this frosty February morning. There is grumbling all around me as people complain about having to stay out in the rain because the doors to the courthouse remain...


The Woman in my mirror is ..?

The Woman in my Mirror is..? Check your mirror – are you true and accountable to self? Check your mirror before peering into someone else’s mirror to judge them. Check your mirror when you don’t or can’t understand someone else. Does your mirror reveal tiny fractures of care and...


Answer - What Am I?

What Am I? "I am your thoughts! So starting today, in fact, right now - Choose to take better care of me; Pay more attention to me, And, always listen to what I have to say, Good, Bad or Ugly - I'm speaking for a reason so pay close...


A stress-filled day!

Here's how to have a very stressful day! Super speeding ticket = extremely high costs = court appearance = time and energy lost = points most likely added to driving record = higher insurance premium. This can create a very stressful day and an extremely anxious week. Results = speeding...


It's Here!

It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSN Online Learning-Laughing-Loving Community Featuring: An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)! This online course is fun, it engages, it is entertaining, it will empower and grow you, and most of all, it's loving. An Extreme LOVING...